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    WebLogic Server Tuning

      We are having a very strange problem. We have a domain called "ABC". Under that domain, we have three sites "x", "y" and "z".
      "x" take about 80-85% of load while other two shares remaining 15% of the load.
      When we have high traffic, "x" stops responding with thread stuck error and other two sites are still functional.
      Any suggestion to tune? Here is thread dump.
      PSYoungGen total 85056K, used 14066K [0x71800000, 0x77000000, 0x7c400000)
      eden space 80320K, 15% used [0x71800000,0x7241fb90,0x76670000)
      from space 4736K, 34% used [0x76670000,0x7680cdb0,0x76b10000)
      to space 4480K, 0% used [0x76ba0000,0x76ba0000,0x77000000)
      PSOldGen total 176128K, used 55761K [0x5c000000, 0x66c00000, 0x71800000)
      object space 176128K, 31% used [0x5c000000,0x5f674520,0x66c00000)
      PSPermGen total 102400K, used 100797K [0x54000000, 0x5a400000, 0x5c000000)
      object space 102400K, 98% used [0x54000000,0x5a26f400,0x5a400000)