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    Apex Menu Navigation

      Can Someone please provide some pointers how the navigation menu is built on the apex charts demo app? I'm interested in a Navigation menu on the left and clicking on each link is bringing up the desired demo page. I didn't take note whether each link is pointing to a different page, but the initial impression seems to be the menu links are calling the same page.


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          Hello Shravan,

          The menu links on that page are pointing to different pages in the app. If you want to create a navigation like that, set the page template to one with a left sidebar (No Tabs - Left Sidebar, No Tabs - Left and Right Sidebar.....).

          Create a list under the Navigation section in shared components. On the page add a list region and select the source as the list you created under shared components.

          On the edit page for the region, set the Template to "Navigation Region" and Display Point to "Page Template Region Position 2" under the section "User Interface".

          Set "List Template Override" to "Vertical Unordered List without Bullets" under the section "Source".

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