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    AutoVue DMS and Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit


      I had a simple Proof Concept DMS Integration (Implemented in a .NET) working on Windows 2003 Server but same does not seem to work on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit.

      It seems AutoVue Server is not able to connect to my DMS, and fails with following error.

      <log4j:event logger="com.cimmetry.jvueserver.management" timestamp="1289490944264" level="ERROR" thread="Channel-1 Worker #15">
      <log4j:message><![CDATA[ServerProxy: Exception in exec(fileOpen)]]></log4j:message>
      <log4j:throwable><![CDATA[com.cimmetry.core.VueRemoteException: Unable to open connection
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.j.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.at.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.bv.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.at.b(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.at.d(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.at.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.VCETConnection.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.VCETConnection.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.VCETConnection.fileOpen(Unknown Source)
           at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
           at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.as.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.as.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.as.d(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.as.a(Unknown Source)
           at com.cimmetry.jvueserver.ai.run(Unknown Source)

      Note that AutoVue/VueServlet/Appet is working without DMS i.e. if I don't set DMS PARAM for Applet

      My Windows 2008 Server is 64 bit but Java SDK and Tomcat 6 version are running as 32bit versions.

      Can anyone help?

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          It seems a network configuration issue - can you try ping your DMS URL from a web browser running on same machine where AutoVue server is running & verify if URL is reachable on your 64-bit machine? Also, check if you have any firewall that is blocking incoming calls.

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            DMS Url is accessible from Web Browser, I also did a Java console app and a test servlet which connected to the DMS server, I am running everything on a single Virtual Machine so not sure if it has something to do with network configuration.
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              Ricardo Av-Oracle
              This is most certainly a config problem, but to properly diagnose we will need a complete log
              You might need to review the config is network config for proxy/firewall, dns, IP, typo on the url ie spaces
              Antivirus (blocked ports?), port number changed from 2003 migration to 2008?
              If you can access the DMS url, there more likely error is a typo on the DMS URL (verify and or attach html that launches the applet with the logs client/server)
              verify if the accept is properly handled by the DMS (review the app server logs)
              After all if it was working on 2003 server, chances are that something was not updated in the 2008 server
              Also depending on the implementation and the version of .NET you might not be able to handle more than one request at a time

              The exception thrown means the jvueserver is not able to open that URL but the reason for it is on the logs prior to this one
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                Just in case if anyone is interested,

                I had NetBeans installed on the Virtual Machine on which above exception was happening, after creating a new VM without NetBeans, everything seems to work, I am not sure if some Java libraries that were installed as part of Netbeans messed up AutoVue's communication with my DMS or not
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