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    OSB and ESB

      What's the difference between OSB and ESB.
      ESB is a component of SOA Suite and it can connect to different services.
      OSB has more functions such as dynamic routing and Message Enrichment. If I just buy SOA suite, can I use OSB? Or I must buy OSB if I want to use it in my application which contains SOA components.
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          Hope this helps!

          Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is the new name for AquaLogic Service Bus (ALSB). Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is the 'old' Oracle product.
          ESB is currently better integrated with BPEL due to fast path connections between the two (don't use web services if they don't need to) and also uses the same adapter framework.
          OSB is more functional than ESB, providing better monitoring and dashboard capabilities. It also allows richer message routing, throttling and message enrichment.

          Currently release of SOA suite doesn't contain OSB integrated to it(we can expect it n future releases from Oracle) ,you need to install OSB 11g/any required version seperatey for OSB development.