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    FIX adapter

      I am starting a POC work on Oracle CEP.
      The plan roughly is subscribing to a FIX feed and then do some processing on incoming messages. Please note that I don't have any experience with FIX and I am at "Hello World" level with Oracle CEP.

      I would like to hear for best practices and any experiences on that.The scenario I imagine is as follows, please correct me if I am wrong with my way of thinking or with my assumptions:

      I have some knowledge on Sybase-Aleri and there they have an adapter for FIX where the developer just configures the existing adapter, but with Oracle CEP, I could not find something similar. In that case, I think like I will be required to develop an adapter class in Java. And for developing the adapter I will be using "QuickFIX/J" for interfacing with FIX. That is a OS library being used and recommended by my colleagues.
      How does this sound? Any suggestions?

      Thanks, Levent