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    getting XML from ORDImage problem

      I have table with ORDImage type column
      I want to extract xml field <DateTime tag="306">some_date</DateTime> from ORDImage picture meaning when picture was taken

      the following code:

      OracleResultSet rset = (OracleResultSet) stmt.executeQuery(query);
      OrdImage media = (OrdImage) rset.getORAData(1, OrdImage.getORADataFactory());
      XMLType[] xml = media.getMetadata("EXIF");
      if (xml.length > 0) {
      System.out.println(xml[0].extract("//DateTime", null).getStringVal());

      gives "*java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/oci8/OCIDBAccess*" at line XMLType[] xml = media.getMetadata("EXIF");
      I'm using JDBC OCI8 driver and things like upload/browsing images, generating/browsing thumbnails works fine
      I have following jar's added to project:
      - ordhttp.jar
      - ordim.jar
      - ojdbc6.jar
      - xdb.jar
      - xmlparserv2.jar

      what can cause above exception?