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    Execute RFC Command in waiting after CR release - JCAPS 5.1.2

      Hi to All,
      our integration landscape is composed by Siebel CRM - Jcaps 5.1.2 - Sap Ecc 6.
      We have implemented in JCAPS three layer: one for Siebel Interaction, one for Business Rules and another one for Sap Interaction.
      In Sap Layer we call RFC Function or Send/Receive IDoc.
      Sometimes when Sap Workgroup release some CR on Ecc 6, execute command of some RFC Function in jcd sap layer still waiting response for different hours.
      To unblock this situation is necessary to restart Application Server and problem is solved.

      Anyone has never encountered this problem? Do you have any idea on the possible reasons?

      Thank you very much,

      Marcello Ricci