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    Why So Many Posts?

    Fabio D'Alfonso
      I was wondering the reason for EVM gettiing not traffic.

      I also think that I will not get a response to this post...

      Cost Manager is a very good application, so probably there is something wrong with this forum.

      But: What?

      Fabio D'Alfonso
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          3 possibilities (in order of likelyhood)

          1. Cost Manager is not used widely (I haven't come across a single company that I have worked with/for in 10 years that use it)
          2. Only people with a reasonable amount of experience use Cost Manager, hence not too many questions
          3. Cost Manager is so easy to install and run that people don't need to ask questions
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            Fabio D'Alfonso
            I agree with you.

            Cost Manager is not common, and the EVM itself is not simple and can be a Crystal Ball only if you hold a magician degree in cost engineering. I wrote in another post (the most of the posts here are about the lack of posts...) that also the dilution of this small community is building an homeopathic community.

            Fabio D'Alfonso