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      • 15. Re: Startup migrate hanging
        Srini Chavali-Oracle
        I am not sure what XLA module has to do with STARTUP MIGRATE. The documentation clearly states that you need to use STARTUP UPGRADE - are there reasons you are not following the documentation ?

        • 16. Re: Startup migrate hanging
          I tried this recently and I faced the same issue

          I was upgrading from to
          and I faced the problem repeatedly
          during running of catupgrd.sql which I ran manually
          it was hanging
          I figured out that the problem was the flashback recovery area which was set in my instance to 2 GB
          during the startup upgrade you cannot release the space of flashback recovery area which is used for online archivelogs by executing RMAN commands

          I resolved this problem by setting the flashback recovery area to 10GB
          The process of catupgrd.sql took 6 GB of space
          and once this was done I shutdown the instance and started up the instance again normally and now I could connect with RMAN and backup the archivelogs delete input - so the space used by the flashback recovery area was released.

          subesquently I ran the utlrp.sql script and this also consumed a lot of flashback recovery area space which I could release using RMAN commands - I had to regularly monitor the space usage and periodically run Rman commands to backup the archive logs and release the space.
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