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    adstrtal.sh got exited with status 4 and some of the sub scripts 150


      I have some queries

      1) I installed R12.1.1 and after installation I started database listener, database and application tier with start up scripts but adstrtal.sh exited with status 4 and some of the subscripts exit with status 150. How can I proceed with this failure. Can anyone of you guide me
      2) What is the location to see log files of all the scripts I ran ( Both database and application tier) and what is the command I should give to check the status of application tier and database tier shell scripts.
      3) My machine is a laptop. Is that every time I close the machine I need to stop the services starting with applications and database before I shutdown the machine.
      4) I was able to browse the front end applications from linux but not from XP when I browse the URL. How can I use the services from XP?