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    About the constrains and logical relations

      As we all know that,there are logical relations and many constraints(Such as primary constraint and secondary constraint) between or in activities. The question are:
      1.when the two above have conflicts with each other , which is more important ? In network , we can calculate the time parameters only with the activity duration start time and logical relations between activities , although there are many bugs in the kind of method , while if I'd like to use the constraints listed in P3 ,
      ///Start constraints

      ///Start on

      ///Start on or after

      ///Start on or before

      ///Finish constraints

      ///Finish on

      ///Finish on or after

      ///Finish on or before

      ///Mandatory constraints



      ///Late constraint

      ///As late as possible

      How should I do ?

      2.After we add the constraints , will the float time change ? and how to deal with it ?

      By the way , are there any resources or references ahout this?

      Thanks a lot!!!