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    AIX 64 bit JDK Performance with WebLogic

      One of my partner has very straight forward application on AIX 64 bit JDK. Which has jsp/servlets invoking EJBs, which makes a call to backend database of application. The application runs 8 times slower then the simillar setup on Windows machine. Backend application and Database is same for both Windows and AIX 64 bit jdk environment. Any parameter I should set on AIX jdk which impact the issue on AIX 64bit jdk
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          Hi user733082.

          As a starting point for this type of analysis, I recommend you first provide an environment specification comparison view between the AIX 64-bit environments vs. Windows.

          Please include the following detail for each separate runtime environment:

          -     Server specifications, including # of physical processors/cores, CPU clock speed etc.
          -     OS version; (including 32-bit vs. 64-bit)
          -     JDK vendor and version (including 32-bit vs. 64-bit)
          -     Weblogic version

          One quick question, when switching to AIX 64-bit, did you also migrate from a 32-bit VM (on Windows) to 64-bit VM or was your Java VM also 64-bit on Windows os? If this this is the case then you may want to have a look at my article below, we did a recent capacity analysis comparaison between AIX 32-bit vs 64-bit to revisit any negative impact and assess the hardware requirements.