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    Infomaker Variation Order form

      i have setup change management document flow as [ Change management--->(on commitment side)---------->RVS   (estimated phase)---->COR  (Negotiated Phase)----->CO (Final Phase)]

      A form is required for "CO" which shows "COR" number.

      What table needs to be join?
      How this can be obtained?


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          The "ref_number" column in the chmt table will show the item number from the previous change management phase.
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            This is true when we are moving phase by phase, But in some cases, you may jump a phase.. in that case this will not work.
            I require to restrict this value only to Negotiation Phase "COR" Number.

            Your reply is really helpful, I can use "chmt.ref_type" and and put a condition on it to display if(chmt.ref_type="COR",1,0)

            Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.


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              If the items are all created through the same change management item you can create joins between the chmt, cedt & cpmt tables. "cedt.negotiated_master_key = cpmt.master_key" and "chmt.cedt_master_key = cedt.master_key". That may be more useful. You would need to use an outer join so that items that had no negotiated phase still appear.

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