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    CPU Usage at 100 percent

      Putting this question here as my gut feeling is that is the oracle oem agent running this but can't find any information that it is. But twice in a 8 month period our production data warehouse server has grounded to a halt because of a couple of processes (single executable) that was grabbing all the cpu. System was so bad that the sysadmins where thinking of doing a hard bounce as they were having problems just logging in but manage to get in and kill the process. But the process is called procstack64 on a AIX box (8 cpu's 60 gigs of memory). I thinking that it is the OEM agent (lattest and greatest) is doing as they are both related (I was told that the procstack64 is part of the performance monitoring tool for aix) to performance monitoring I am guessing the agent is lauching this but can't seem to find any information. Even with a ticket into oracle didn't help as they couldn't find any information about procstack64. But does anybody have any information about this and why it is being lauched