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    DM 3.0: Index generation deverses from index definition (Version

      Two things concerning index definition, generation and creation are conspicuous.

      1. When defining an unique index, attributes were ordered in a specific way. This may be relevant due to index uses and performance issues.

      Index definition in +table property dialog > indexes: *ARTICLE_UK {COUNTRY_FK, ARTICLE_NO, SUPPLIER_FK}*+

      My expactation now is the same construction when generating the CREATE INDEX script, but it wasn't.
      Instead of my expectation, the statement came out like this:


      That, in deed, wasn't the result i wanted and intended!

      2. When executing the script an ora-01409 error came up.

      The CREATE INDEX script has been generated with default sort order ASC, but provided also the conflicting NOSORT option.
      The result is this:

      ora-01409: NOSORT option may not be used, rows are not in ascendign order

      Why is this option created within the script, cause it's conflicting particularly?
      How can i drop the default sort order completely?

      As far as i can see, one can only check to order the index attributes DESC but not uncheck any sort order.

      Boy, what about some screenshot abilities in here? That would be nice.