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    SunMC Container Manager - Can't get to it

      Hi everyone, I have a small problem that is driving me crazy.

      I installed Solaris Management Center 4.0 on a T-5120 running Solaris 10 update 6.

      I can log into https://<server>:6789 which is the Java Web Console.
      If I try to log into https:// <server>:6789/containers I am brought to the same Web console log in screen

      Now: Under Systems I have "Sun Management Center 4.0" so I click that but I see nothing anywhere about containers. I have 3 zones configured on this server of which 1 is running already.

      When I click default domain, I am shown my server's global zone name.

      When I click that I get host info but no other options.

      I am doing all of this as the root user and I have made sure that root is in the Zone management, Pool management, etc.. profiles.

      When I run the check on SunMC, it shows container manager as already set up.

      A few screenshots here: