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    Using dll library in Java application with Netbeans


      I am using Netbeans, and have to write application on Java with given dll library. The task is connected with given dll library for communication and other functions for smart card and reader.

      So, I am given the SDK but it is dll. I was confused, so begun to search and now I knew about this JNI.

      I have this problem:

      "Should I use the JNI to use the dll library in Java application or there is other way, because it is know that : Java applications that depend on the JNI can no longer readily run on
      multiple host environments and there is lack of secure."

      So, what i have to do?

      Thanks, for the answers.
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          If you have a shared library (dll) that you rely on then by definition you are limited to what that shared library runs on.

          If that doesn't meet your business needs then your only option is to find another solution.

          Other than that you don't need to interact with a shared library via dll. Instead.
          1. Create a communication idiom that meets your business needs.
          2. Create a C++ console executable that uses 1 and the shared library.
          3. Test 2.
          4. Write java code that uses Runtime.exec() to run 2 and uses 1 to communicate with it.

          The above has the following advantages.
          1. When the C++ code and/or shared library blows up (pointer bug) it won't take down your java application.
          2. It is easier to test/manage the console exe by itself than attempting to test/manage via JNI.
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            So, I am not really sure that I have been understood you, but generally you advice me to:
            1. make a application on C++ using .dll library
            2. make a Java application that communicates with the C++ one

            I thought the using Java is the more secure way to do it, but honesty I am no sure what the advantages are because I have dll library and I have to create application using it - ok. But using Java brings me what? Finally, when I am using JNI the native part of the program is the risky one and it depends on the OS because if it.

            So, can you light me up is there any positive in doing that on Java, or there is no difference when I have dll library instate of jar one.

            Thanks a lot for the spare time on my questions.