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    public dns with Oracle AMI

      Hi All,
      I have created an AMI from ami-47613002. It ran fine and created an oracle database. When I logged in to EM i found following in the properties.

      Oracle Home          /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1
      Host          ec2-xx-xx-xx-xx.us-east-1.compute.amazonaws.com
      Listener          LISTENER_ec2-xx-xx-xx-xx.us-east-1.compute.amazonaws.com

      This means it is bound to public DNS of my amazon instance. Next time when i shutdown and start the instance, it will change the public dns. will that affect my db and listner?

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          Johan Louwers
          I guess.... however it is a guess.... is that ec2-xx-xx-xx-xx.us-east-1.compute.amazonaws.com is bound to your server and will not change after a reboot....

          -xx-xx-xx-xx- is most likely a unique value bound to your server, so it should be fine. Please do inform us if this is the case. I am interested in your results.

          Johan Louwers
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            ec2-xx-xx-xx-xx.us-east-1.compute.amazonaws.com changes every time i reboot, so my listener goes down and i have to register database to new listener every time i bring server up.
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              Your public DNS should only change if you have shut down the AMI. In my experience a reboot will not cause it to change. You can bypass this issue by adding an entry to the /etc/hosts file and changing the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files to reflect this.