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    How to get chassis H/W information from ShMM

      Hello forum,

      To get the all H/W information like fru datails, blade status, IP address of each blade in a chassis there is CLI commands and I execute them one by one after logged into Shelf Manager.

      But is there any way to automate the procedure with out human interfere?
      I mean I have written a script through which I want to fire set of CLI commands in a sequence.

      The problem is that it brings cli prompt successfully after login to shMM but after that any cli commands I want to execute they never get executed ,just gets printed at the CLI> prompt and script execution ends abruptly.

      my script :
      echo "connecting to $1 Shelf Manager..."
      ssh root@$1
      board 2 | clia
      sleep 2

      +declare -a SHMs=`ping -b -c 2 | grep '(DUP!)' | awk '{print $4}' | sed s/":"/""/g` >> /dev/null+
      +login1 ${SHMs[0]}+

      Do not know if I am at the right place this time.. still like to appreciate any bit of information for the same as tired of googling for it.

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