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    jvisual VM support for JDK1.4

      Hi ,

      i am currently using Weblogic8.1sp6 which works with jdk1.4 and doesnot work with jdk1.5. Hence i donot have a choice of using visualvm or any utilities provided by Sun or BEA.

      Hence looking for ways to use visualVM to work on jdk1.4, i am able to see the process in visualvm, but complains saying the JMX is not supported by process running.

      please let me know, if there are ways to make this work.

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          Is it a Java 1.4.2 JVM?
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            the "dynamic attach" support was not added until jdk 1.6, so you won't be able to just attach to it. however, if you do the normal jmx remote attachment stuff (e.g. setup a remote connector on a certain port), i would imagine jvisualvm would be able to attach to it (as a "remote" vm).
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              I vaguely remembered some option that was required, but that was to monitor
              a Java 1.4.1 VM with VisualGC ; [url http://java.sun.com/performance/jvmstat/]jvmstat ^[url http://java.sun.com/performance/jvmstat/]jvmstat^
              The instrumented HotSpot JVM ships with J2SE 1.4.2 and later, providing always-on instrumentation. The HotSpot JVM, verion 1.4.1, also includes the the instrumentation, but it must be enabled with the -XX:+UsePerfData flag.