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    Flicker, Groovy and Kung Fu?

      Hi All,

      If some one can point me in the right direction or where to look it would help me tremendously...

      Please create a simple grails site that will present:
      ·     A search dialogue box
      ·     Based on a search your solution will use the Flickr API to pull down a series of images and display them.
      ·     Allow the user to view and select images and store a reference to these images.
      ·     Show the images with AJAX and jQuery.
      ·     Provide an export function that provides all your data as described in images.xsd.
      Please use the native HSQL as your persistence layer. Application code should be in Groovy and where appropriate Java.
      Your work will need to be accompanied by a short bullet point description of what you have done, and why. For example:
      ·     I have used a the following libraries because...
      Note these are examples only and are not design directions, you should use your own experience and initiative to show off your kung fu.
      We will be looking for:
      ·     Your ability to convert simple requirements into code
      ·     Best Practices
      ·     Design
      ·     Tips and Tricks (from your experience)
      ·     Your development Kung-Fu!
      .     Knowledge/Application
      .     Speed
      .     Neatness of Code/Comments
      .     etc
      not be looking for:
      ·     A pretty UI/HTML/CSS
      ·     A fully fledged Flickr Application.

      I don't know Groovy or Kung Fu. Are these skills good to have and easy to learn?

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          Knowledge is power, so yes it is good to know Groovy. Learning Groovy is no more or less difficult than learning any other language. If you know Java or even Ruby you'll pick it up very quickly.

          BTW: read the part about kung-fu again, it is not actually related to a library or framework, but to you personally :)
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            Thankyou gimbla

            Here is what I have been able to find out

            "Kung Foo" refers to ask the developer to code and show how good he is.

            JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. Its like a short version of XML (giving meaning to data). Being able to exchange data over the net.

            JQuery as most people know is JavaScript simplified.

            AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
            I know what it is

            Flickr - Photo/image sharing API. I downloaded the api and looked at the example programs.
            Groovy - A version of Java Language which runs in the JVM.

            Grails is Framework.

            Today I have been able to create and run a simple Book application in NetBeans making use of Grails and Groovy.
            Flickr questions:-

            1)I don't quite understand how to plug/use it into Grails?
            2) Filckrj talks about FROB. What is it?
            3) I understand you have to use authenticate and get key.
            4) How to get a Search Dialog/prompt. Are we saying we need to use a form or is there a Groovy syntax to do this?

            any clues/help/hints would be great.

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              Seek help in the right place dude. This is a Java forum (and at that you picked the servlet subforum which is even more unrelated), not a grails or flickr forum. You can try to ask for help about cars in a forum about motorcycles because both are vehicles, but the fact of the matter is that there are better places where people are actually interested in what you are trying to do.