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    Clarification needed on where to start using the Wizard

      I need some clarification about at what point start using the Maintenance Wizard in the R12 upgrade process. Having done this manually before I need direction on what steps need to be done before letting the Wizard take over the process.
      I realize that the 12.1.1 software needs to be installed ahead of time but what about other manual tasks that are outlined in the “Database Preparation Guidelines for an E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Upgrade (Doc ID 761570.1)” and documents it refers to? This note says to “Follow the standard 12.1.1 upgrade path as documented in the Oracle Applications Upgrade Guide: Release 11i to Release 12.1.1. Perform all requirements documented in Chapter 1 and all applicable steps in Chapter 2.”.
      I guess the question is should all steps be done in the notes above and start using the Maintenance Wizard at step “8. Complete the R12 upgrade” in note 761570.1? I’m confused because it appears some of the steps, such as running the TUMS report, can be done with the wizard but what ones can’t.