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    Quickest way to remove wsm'd tables?

      I have a large number of wsm'd tables that I want to remove. They have many inter-relationships, and a reasonable amount of data in them (which I no longer need).

      What is the quickest way to just remove them? Currently I am using disableversioning, but that takes several hours in test. In production I would like this to proceed quicker if I can.

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          Ben Speckhard-Oracle

          The quickest way would be to drop all of the schemas containing version enabled tables. That is assuming none of the other objects need to be kept.

          It is recommended to execute dbms_wm.RecoverFromDroppedUser after doing so to clean up/fix any metadata. This only needs to be executed once after all of the required schemas are dropped, not after each drop user command.

          If there are tables or other objects that need to be kept, then you would need to use dbms_wm.DisableVersioning.

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            Thanks Ben, that is what I thought.

            Although there are other items in the schema I want to keep, it looks quicker to export them, drop the schema owner, and then re-create the owner and re-import the other items.