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    PCM can't add new project

      I've tried many times to add a new project (I have done this before many times with no problem). Now I get timing errors in the middle and when I do get to the very end, and it says "adding project" it stops with this message:
      any idea what could be wrong?
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          bruno holmer

          There could be a lot of reasons about this issue, can you verify the file expconsole.log on CM directory for more information and post here?

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            Daniel L Williams
            Can you query the PROJ table and see if the project you are adding is already there?
            I have had cases where the Add failed part way, and so the PROJ record existed, but none of the view records in EXPADMIN were present, so you could not actually see the project.

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              I have also experienced this issue, but only on certain groups. On our database I have about a dozen groups. When I run into this issue on one of the groups I first create the project in a different "safe" group. Then do a single project back up. Then restore to the group I want the project it. Seems to work like a charm. One time I create several different projects getting the error! errrr very frustrating. Usually whent his happens the new project only gets half registered and then I can no longer use the same project_name.