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    opensso tuning on Glassfish Cluster

      Hi All,

      I am able to tune opensso which is running on glassfish application server.Now I want to tune Opensso which is running on Glassfish Applicaton server Cluster ( two instances running on different physical hosts).

      Plz provide any suggestions to achieve this...

      Thanks in advance

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          You just need to apply the same tuning to both of your GF instances and if you share the same DS instance, you might want to increase the connections it can receive to cater for 2 GF instances rather than the original one. Also, you might want to tune the JMS settings, in particular the IMQ timeouts if you are doing session failover and you might want to adjust the http(s) listener queue size and timeouts to cater for probes from your load balancer depending on how agressively it is checking. Most importantly, you should ensure that you have applied the recommended OS networking related tuning settings as they become much more important in such an environment.