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    Data Guard setup between 11gr1 and 11gr2

      Can we setup Data Guard between 11gr1 (Primary) and 11gr2 (Secondary).
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          No. They should be the same version. Refer to B28294-03 for more details. (see 2.3.2 Oracle Software Requirements)

          During a rolling upgrade, you can run different releases of the Oracle database but that should be the only time.

          This might be of interest:

          Oracle11g Data Guard: Database Rolling Upgrade Shell Script [ID 949322.1]


          The first time I ran a quarterly CPU patch on a Data Guard I had to stop for a moment because part of we wanted to run the SQL on the Standby too. Of course Data Guard handles this.

          This Oracle note might be is interest:

          Master Note for Data Guard [ID 1101938.1]

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