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    Oracle Form Rules Compile All Active SQL Rules Concurrent process fails

    Rudoph Wang
      Hi, All
      While I am at Post Installation Tasks for GRC - Compile SQL Rules, I clicked "Oracle Form Rules Compile All Active SQL Rules" from Tool menu bar. The process completed with error. Here is error log:

      GRC Controls Custom: Version : UNKNOWN

      Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

      LAGENLIB module: GRC Controls Generate Library

      Current system time is 10-FEB-2011 23:24:35


      LAGENLIB: Input parameters are
      LAGENLIB: Library name: LABRSQL
      LAGENLIB: Connect str : jdbc:oracle:thin:@vanguard.frameworksolution.com:1521:VIS
      LAGENLIB: Library will be : /u01/oracle/VIS/apps/apps_st/appl/xxlaapps/12.0.0/bin/LABRSQL.pld
           at Logg.fndMessage(Logg.java:100)
           at Logg.mlsLog(Logg.java:164)
           at LaGenLib.main(LaGenLib.java:151)
      LAGENLIB: Library has been generated and is available as
      LAGENLIB: /u01/oracle/VIS/apps/apps_st/appl/xxlaapps/12.0.0/bin/LABRSQL.pld
      LAGENLIB: Coping into output log
      LAGENLIB: Last 100 lines of the generated library
      tail: cannot open `/u01/oracle/VIS/apps/apps_st/appl/xxlaapps/12.0.0/bin/LABRSQL.pld' for reading: No such file or directory
      LAGENLIB: Number of entries found in laconfig : 0
      LAGENLIB: Compiling the library on this concurrent manager's appl top

      LAFORMSGEN: Directory is /u01/oracle/VIS/apps/apps_st/appl/xxlaapps/12.0.0/bin
      LAFORMSGEN: Library is LABRSQL

      LAFORMSGEN: Specified library does not exist
      LAFORMSGEN: Quitting with error...

      LAGENLIB: Library compilation failed
      LAGENLIB: Please verify your Remote compilation configuration
      LAGENLIB: Quitting with error...
      Program exited with status 1

      I have finished laconfig.sh (Remote compilation configuration) without error.

      Thanks in advance.