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    Need help installing SureTrak 3.0 on computer

      The title pretty much says it all, however here is a breakdown of my issue.

      I bought the product roughly 10 years ago and had it installed on my old computer. I just now am trying to put it on the new one, and I do not get any prompts when inserting the disks. So I go to "My Computer" click the CD-Rom drive and find the disk. I then click to open it and click to "Allow" to let me computer know it is a safe program. I then get a screen with 5 options.

      1.) Install SureTrak 3.0
      2.) View ReadMe
      3.) Documentation
      4.) Browse CD
      5.) Contact Us

      Clicking Install just doesn't work. The disc does not respond when I click to install it. Then when I click to browse CD I can't seem to find a backup way of installing it that way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are really needing to get back involved in scheduling.