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    Best action for failed patch

      Version 2.18. Attempted the first patch application step in my evaulation of the maintenance wizard and the patch failed because it didn't have the SYSTEM password. I figured that the wizard already had this value since it was part of the configuration but it appears from what I'm finding that this value needs to be manually updated in the adalldefaults.txt on each server. This was done and the step restarted but it now fails because the previous run failed and it can't handle the prompting for "Your previous AutoPatch session did not run to completion", etc. The log file says to apply the patch manually from the utiilty tab but I would prefer not to do it this way since so far i've not been able to download or apply patches. Does anyone have information on how I could clean up this failed patch session so that I can re-run the wizard step to see if it will work?