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    ODBC Password issues

      I have migrated my access data to Oracle. I am still using my Access application that is now using oracle tables. Things seem to be working correctly, but I have a nuisance problem that I would like to find a solution to. Everytime my application access' the oracle table, I get prompted by ODBC to supply the password. This is not acceptable to the customer. What can be done to remedy this??
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          Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle
          When creating the link tables there is a Save Login ID And Password Locally check box. Beyond checking this checkbox there appears to be no configuration by default (checked against 9iR2 and access2003).

          Some details of how to manage this feature are available in the following URL


          Oracle Migration Workbench Team
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            This is not terribly secure, unless the user does not have access to the ODBC data source administrator - but you can specify USERNAME/PASSWORD in the ODBC User ID field when configuring your DSN. This works, but of course the password becomes available to anyone who can access the ODBC datasource administrator and see the DSN in question. (Although I believe that if you do not have Administrator rights, you cannot edit System DSN information - so that might be a possible solution).

            Shaun Burton
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              If you are using a System DSN, you can also edit the registry to include the password since it is stored as plain text in the key:



              Shaun Burton
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                could you give detail instruction for add this step..