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    Error Passlogix Add Credential when testing provisioning gateway

      hii all, i'm newbie

      When i testing provisioning gateway to eSSO using OIM connector . i have problem's,

      that's problem :

      Error Passlogix Add Credential :

      ADP ClassLoader failed to load: com.passlogix.integration.provision.OIM.OIMInterface" does not correspond to a known Response Code. Using "UNKNOWN"

      Response: ADP ClassLoader failed to load: com.passlogix.integration.provision.OIM.OIMInterface
      Response Description: An unknown response was received

      step i had done :

      1. create user
      2. Enter all the user attributes as shown below, enter Password as ' Password1' then click Create User:
      3. Provision this user to Active Directory, which is the eSSO user credential repository. Select the AD server as 'Employee HR
      Database' and password as 'Password1'

      and that's results

      1. system validation : complete
      2. Create User : complete
      3. Get Object GUID Created : Complete
      4. Passlogix Add Credential : Rejected
      5. Account Exporation date Update : Rejected