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      We're using ODSI 10.3.0 and utilizing the dspControlConfig.properties file to override the endpoints for the data service controls. We've noticed that occasionally this file gets updated by the server at runtime. It adds these lines to the file even though the control is already specified in the property file:

      #The URL for the ODSI Control InternetDataspace.org.internet.security.dscontrol.InternetSecurityDSControl
      #Mon Feb 07 10:00:43 CST 2011

      Why does it do that and how can we prevent it?

      Even though the control already exists in the file, the server sometimes updates the file with the control using localhost:7001 address at the end of the file. ie InternetDataspace.org.internet.security.dscontrol.InternetSecurityDSControl=t3\://localhost\:7001
      We need to prevent this b/c it's overriding the correct control reference with localhost:7001 which causes the call to the odsi service to fail.