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    HA Cluster and loadbalancing.

      We are running an HA cluster of Sun Java(tm) System Message Queue 4.3 with brokers across two servers.
      This is backed by an oracle database. I have a couple of very simple questions. Is any load balancing assured in this case?
      or is the cluster just highly-available? we do not see messages being evenly distributed amongst the cluster queues.
      What happens with JMS clients send messages with following addresslist URL ?


      Is it guaranteed that brokerServer1 will always get preference? does that mean that in a healthy HA JMS server environment, messages will always flow only to brokerServer1?

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          Please see Message Queue Administration Guide and Developer's Guide for Java Clients for the usage of imqAddressList and imqAddressListBehavior connection factory properties
          and more descriptions on these attributes can also be found in GlassFish Server 3.1 High Availability Administration Guide on JMS "Connection Failover"