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    DB Migration from MYSQL to ORACLE Using Offline Capture


      Am doing a database migration from MySQL to Oracle using SQL Developer (version So far, I've successfully captured the MySQL database and converted it to the Oracle Model. However, when generating offline scripts to create the converted model schema into Oracle DDL scripts it managed to generate SQL to create: 1) User 2) Sequences 3) Tables 4) Triggers and 5) constraints.

      It has created the SQL to add the primary key constraints and index constraints. Although it did the foreign key constraints in the SQL, the foreign key constraints seems to have missed the cascading options for the foreign key constraint. I.e. theres no reference of whether the foreign key constraint will restrict on delete or cascade etc.

      We have a foreign keys in the MySql database that have different cascading options and these have not being ported over into the migration SQL. Therefore, all the foreign keys generated in the SQL by default are cascade to restrict on delete.

      Does 'Generate Oracle DDL' not take into account a foreign key's on delete cascading option?

      Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.