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    Create Dynamic Hyperlink In BI Publisher

      Could you please help me creating dynamic hyperlink/bookmark in BI Publisher. My requirement is as below:

      I have one main template which call different subtemplate. Say FileA is main template. This FileA calls(imports) different subtemplate sub1, sub2, sub3.rtf and so on...basically different piece of information is on different subtemplate...thats different story..

      Now in the main template I created a table and inserted a form field named CODE in the table which will print different code depending on the repeating value of that tag in XML.It could be one or could be 10 also...

      Now depending on the defferent value of this repeating element CODE, I want to create hyperlink.

      In another template, I have created many subtemplates, for these codes which contains some static text information.

      Now I want to create a hyperlink to the CODE while generating PDF which, when clicked should go to specific text for that particular code. Please note that I can assign a static ID to this text as header to identify this as specific to code.

      So when pdf generates, and user clicks on the code, it should go to the specific text for that code and when user clicks BACK text there it should come back to the same position.
      Please help me with this on how to achieve in BI Publisher.

      Please note that the text to be displayed in in another subtemplates so files does not remain same where actual code will be displayed BUT will be generated as single pdf file becuase I have imported all subtemplates in main one.

      Thanks very much in advance!