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    Is the calendar object exposed as a Web service ?

      In the Oracle Web Services On Demand Guide, a couple of object exposed as web services are described (Account, Activity, Contact...). It seems like that the calendar functionnality of OCOD is not exposed as a Web Service. Is there a way to access the data contained in the Calendar functionnality as a Web Service ?
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          Appointments and Tasks are both represented using the Activity object. You can use the Activity web services to work with these records (ActivityQueryPage, ActivityUpdate, etc.)

          To determine whether you are working with an appointment or task, check the Activity field (of the Activity object). If I remember correctly, this field will be set to "Appointment" or "Task". As a quick test, you can create a few appointments and tasks in CRM On Demand with distinctive subject lines and then issue a query via web services to see the values.

          If you want to retrieve the calendar for a given user, it gets a little more complicated. One solution that might work for you is to set the ViewMode on the ActivityQueryPage request. Using the "Sales Rep" view mode should do the trick, but you should review the ViewMode documentation and determine what's most appropriate for your situation. Also, make sure you look at the DelegatedFlag field, which you might need to query. Again, the exact parameters will depend on the information you want to retrieve.
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            Ok hody. I will do a test (i am a newbie in WebServices) and get back to you. Thank you.