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    Help with JSAPI and JSGF

      Hi, i'm working with JSAPI using a JSGF dictionary, the Speech Recognition works fine with the words of the dictionary, but when I say a different word to the saved in the dictionary, JSAPI recognizes them as the word that most closely matches the dictionary, and I need to simply not recognize them, thanks a lot for the help.
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          The dictionary has many many words in it.

          You should edit your grammar in order to limit the answers you get as Best_Match_Result.

          Also you could add your own words in the dictionary by creating the extra words. In order to do that you should be limited and use the sounds as they are already written in the dictionary. (eg there is on OO sound, but OW) I am not sure if you can add your extra own sounds but you could try it :)

          Hope this help,