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arg0 of anonpgout probe

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I need to trace anonymous memory paged out activity. Following is the dscript:

#pragma D option quiet

printf("Tracing... Hit Ctrl-C to end.\n");

@apo[pid, execname] = sum(arg0);

printf("%6s %-16s %16s\n", "PID", "CMD", "PAGES");
printa("%6d %-16s %@16d\n", @apo);

when I ran this script, I got output but the data on PAGES column is zero:

0 sched 0
25 sshd 0
221 sshd 0
351 ypbind 0
2616 mv 0
2621 ftp 0
2622 update.ksh 0
2680 touch 0
2693 tjb 0

according to the <<SolarisDynamicTracing Guide>>, arg0=1, if the probe fired, PAGES column should always be greater than 1, it should never be 0.

Could anyone explain why I got the above result?

Thanks in advance,

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    Well, i know that pgpgin and pgpgout returns the amount of pages in arg0, but i thought that anonpgin and anonpgout only returned 0.

    However, don't you get one probe fired everytime there is a pgin or pgout? Can't you just count the amount of times the probe fires to get the amount of pages?


    @apo[pid, execname] = count();

    should return the amount of pages.. or so i would guess



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