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    PushReplicationPattern bugs as reported by Findbugs

      I pulled the source to PushReplicationPattern into Eclipse with the Findbugs plugin, and its reporting the following bugs:

      - CoherencePublishingService.onPublish has batchMessages defined as Map<String, Message>, but then does batchMessages.get(batchMessageKey), where batchMessageKey is of type MessageKey.

      - CoherencePublishingService does not consistently synchronize access to the variable "state". Lines 1178 (logging message) and 404 (getServiceState) do not synch before access -- they should both probably be changed to use getState() instead of referencing state itself.

      - EntryOperationProcessor, line 183 in method process, uses inefficient Boolean constructor rather than Boolean.valueOf()

      - The already identified wrong # of arguments in the String.format in FilePublisher