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Can I Use Properties File Value in Annotation?

michelle Newbie
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Hi Experts,

I have a java class using an annotation for a url, e.g.,


I can't hard-code the url in the java code during deployment to appserver. I'm wondering if there's a way to use properties file value in this annotation, so that the url can be pickup up during runtime?

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    asrivast Newbie
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    Did you ever get its answer? I am looking for the same but it seems the annotation value has to be a constant and a variable cannot be used unless it is a constant.

    private final static val = 1000;

    @Anno(value=val) - will work but

    private final static val = Integer.valueOf(bundle.getString("val"));

    @Anno(value=val) - will not!

    But if there is a way I would be very interested.
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    802316 Pro
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    annotation values have to be constant. The only way around this if your library supports lookups to get the final value.
    String val = "/my-directory/my-file";
    The value is still constant, and the library needs to know it could get the true value from a field.


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