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    unable to connect using IMAP and a endless loop


      I am trying to connect to my gmail account using com.sun.mail ..... Mail api.
      I am using mail api version 1.4.2 - mail_1.4.2.jar
      Now I am trying to connect with following details as :
      username : username@gmail.com
      password : some password (correct password)
      host : imap.gmail.com
      post : 993
      SSL : false

      But when I try to execute session.connect(host,port,username,password)*, it just hang up and
      keep running in endless loop.
      I tried to find the reason but it just make me more confused at *"_response = Protocol.getInputStream().readResponse(protocol.getResponseBuffer)_*".
      please help me out as if SSL is no then it should prompt me some error.

      I am able to connect with SSl as true and rest of the configurations are same as above.