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    Webcache Self Signed Certificates

      How to generate a Self Signed certificates for webtier/webcache component and make the component as SSL mode?
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          Step 1) Generating and Signing the Self Signed Request for Web Cache.

          # export ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/webtier

          # cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin

          #./orapki wallet create –wallet /app/oracle/product/wallet –pwd security123 –auto_login

          #./orapki wallet add –wallet /app/oracle/product/wallet –dn “CN=ajay-app4.dev.local,OU=ESS,O=BTS,L=Gateshead,ST=Tyne & Wear,C=GB” –keysize 1024 –self_signed –validity 365 –pwd security123

          Step 2) Access the WebCache Administration page through the Enterprise Manager Application Server Control . Administration –> Ports –> Listen Ports

          a.Delete the existing default port configured which at the installation time.
          b.Create/Add the new listen ports 80 and 443 by providing the IP address and their respective parameters like protocol and wallet location (configured at /app/oracle/product/wallet)

          Step 3) Restart the WebCache Component.

          Hope this helps...