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    Anuroop Ranghat
      Hi Folks,
      Iam performing a tool's upgrade from 8.48 to PT8.51. When it came to copying PPLTLS84CUR thru CA it took me exceptionally long time to complete (3+ days). I have run update statistics as well on tables on the schema iam upgrading. Did anyone face this issue? Any insights to resolve this issue would be highly appreciated. Iam connecting to RDP thru VPN.

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          Whether those projects are big and can take a while to be copied, 3 days is, er..., exceptionally long. Any network issue ? Have you check id something is happening onto the database ?

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            There are a lot of variables which could play a part in your problem. Could you provide some more info on your setup (DB client version, DB version, location of the DB (same machine or not), location where CA is installed etc. etc.).
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              Anuroop Ranghat
              Hi Michel,
              My windows O/S is windows 2008 R2 64 bits. DB and client version is Db is on unix box running AIX 6.1. Windows and and unix box are on different data centres in Dublin. Iam running this process in RDP thru VPN . Ays issues related to VPN ?

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                The asume the issue is not with the VPN, but it could be due to the network issue. (servers at different data centers)

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                  Well I don't know the route the traffic has to take from point A to B. If it has a lot of distance to cover then it could explain why it's taking so long.
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                    I would also turn off any virus protection software, when doing the copy,
                    we use trend mico office scan, it did make a differnce.
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                      Well this might be a bit too late for you, however maybe it will help somebody when faced with a similar error.

                      3 days is an unacceptable duration for a small project like PPLTLS%.. because a whole database compare can be done in that time. Inface I've done full db compares between dabases Texas and sydney over a vpn connection in less than 4 days !!!

                      The 3 key things that can act as a bottle-neck are
                      1. Network (anything like a stupid routing, network trace, poor firewall design etc)
                      2. Database (I'd be more worried if there is something wrong with the db, make sure db traces, audits etc are turned off.. just in case !!!)
                      3. peopletools trace - the silliest mistake you can ever do !!!

                      Well.. I've seen CA going crazy and not doing anything at all !!! It would be worthy giving a try copying the file using appdesigner, rather than using CA to invoke it.