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    Is it possible to Manage Sun Fire v60 without using Red Hat?

      I've been trying to enable a console connection via an Avocent dongle connected to the serial port using these directions:


      All I've been able to view is the BIOS output, and the grub menu; I am unable to control anything.

      Is it possible to manage a Sun Fire v60x without using a Red Hat server to issue power/status commands?

      Thank you.
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          Serial console support only text mode. So can freasing after server change mode to graphics.

          For manage server You can read:

          Lights Out Management (LOM)
          The Intel Server Management (ISM) software is a set of applications and agents for monitoring and managing servers. The agents can act as low-level stand-alone pieces, or can be used in conjunction with full-featured integrated management suites.
          Available features include power on, power off and reset. System Event Logs (SELs) and Sensor Data Records (SDRs) can be viewed remotely.

          IMHO: It's very old server and remote control of it not user frendly.