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    Risk Activity Coding

      I am managing a contractor who is using Pertmaster 7.8 while I am using Risk Analysis 8.7.
      Contractor does not have the Risk Register function in 7.8 (they did not purchase the Advanced module).

      We are having to create risk activities and link them into the analysis manually rather than utilize the Build Impacted Risk plan that would be the common method.

      Because of this - the coding that Pertmaster / Risk Analysis performs when Building the Impacted Risk plan so that I can separate out and only show the Risk Activities on the Tornado chart is not available.

      Is there any way to code the manually added activities such that I can separate out the risk activities on the tornado chart?

      I have added the User Fields of RiskStatus, RiskTaskType, and RiskType and properly coded them on my activities - but that doesn't seem to have triggered Pertmaster nor Risk Analysis to recognize that there are risk activities in the modle when I run the Tornado chart.
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          I would like to respond to this posting, but I make it a policy on this, and other forums, only to respond to named individuals, so please identify yourself.
          You will have noticed that traffic on this forum is pretty low - you could also try the independent Pertmaster user Group at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/pertmaster/
          Regards, Phil Rawlings