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    IJC file format

      Hi all,

      What is the IJC file format?

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          Jean-Damien LEBUI
          This is a copy and paste from a [Gemalto Docs|http://developer.gemalto.com/fileadmin/contrib/downloads/pdf/Java%20Card%20%26%20STK%20Applet%20Development%20Guidelines.pdf]
          Gemalto wrote:
          IJC tools are widely available. If you are using the Gemalto Developer Suite, (section 2.5) there is an embedded component jar2ijc which is used to generate your IJC file.
          IJC files are much smaller in size which allows gaining bandwidth when downloading Over The Air.
          Note: the ijc file concatenates the CAP files in one file only, following the reference component order (described in the JCVM specification) to produce a binary file directly loadable on > the card.
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            Thanks for support