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    Solaris 10 Oracle VDI VirtualBox 3.2 USB support

      Dear folks,

      This my first time to the forum, since we are in the progress of deploying 240+ thin clients using Oracle VDI. I was piloting the project in a desktop machines with Sunray 3i. I installed Solaris 10 9/10 and Oracle VDI 3.2.1. However, while I was creating WinXP VM in Virtualbox 3.2 -the one which came with Oracle VDI 3.2- I got that error about being unable to connect to USB proxy server. Eventually this error leads to that all my VMs doesn't support USB redirection. So USB flash disk drive doesn't work in my Sunray 3i. Reading VirtualBox documentation Installing on Solaris hosts , I came across this info "*This does not apply to Solaris 10 hosts due to lack of USB support.*" Is this real?

      Does this mean I can't redirect USB hardware to my VMs in the server via Sunray 3i? If this is true, what is the workaround for this problem?

      Please advise me. . .
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          Other than the documentation stating it doesn't work, in practice have you tested it to not work also?

          We have two Solaris 10u5 machines running Vbox 3.2.12 and they pass through USB fine with our Sun Ray 3's (not 3i's but that shouldn't matter).

          Did you enable USB passthrough in the VDI core by selecting the desktop pool and going to the Settings -> Sun Ray RDP Settings? Theres checkboxes to enable USB/smartcard pass through.
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            Take a look at the VDI Documentation - http://wikis.sun.com/display/VDI3dot2/Home

            For USB support in using VirtualBox take a look at this - http://wikis.sun.com/display/VDI3dot2/Windows+RDP+Versus+VirtualBox+RDP

            You will see both MS-RDP and VRDP support USB.

            If using MS-RDP did you install the SRSS Windows Components?