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    P3 and problems with the HP DesignJet 500

      Hello all!

      I am James and new to the forum. We are having some difficulty with P3 and our HP DesignJet 500. For some reason the cutter on the DesignJet does not engage and cut the sheet when certain sized jobs are printed. Size D and E jobs will not cut. I suspect the P3 application because the plotter prints normaly in other applications. When printing the D and E jobs we are sure that the "Disable Automatic Cutting" button is unchecked.

      Has anyone run into this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix?

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          While I have no experience with this exact issue a few things I would suggest you try are:

          1.) Ensure P3.1 SP3 is installed as this service pack fixed various printing issues. To check this click Help>About P3 from within the application.
          2.) Try a different driver (RTL, PCL, PostScript) then the one you are currently using. I have seen this fix certain printing problems in P3 in the past.
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            Just wanted to let everyone know that this issue has been resolved. It turns out that there was a newer version of the Windows 7 driver available and that one worked. Thanks to everyone and especially cruz878 for your help!