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    SUN StorageTek DSM MPIO

      I'm trying to obtain the latest MPIO driver for storageTek 2540 - Windows 2008 R2.

      I understand that we can use the MPIO driver for the 6000 series.

      I've got a support contract for the SAN however cant find where to download the latest SANTRICITY MPIO driver?
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          On Oracle support search for patch 11662429 this contains the latest MPIO DSM drivers for windows for the 2500 and 6000 series disk

          Contents of the patch are :

          SMIA-WS32-01.03.0302.0321.exe (Windows 32 Bit x86)
          SMIA-WS64-01.03.0302.0321.exe (windows 64 Bit Itanium)
          SMIA-WSX64-01.03.0302.0321.exe (windows 64 Bit X64)

          Hope this helps

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