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    Workspace Error 404

      Hi to all gurus!

      Im two days without sleep trying to solve an issue with workspaceon production server. EPm 11.1.2. Planning-Wintel 64bits-MSQL Server.
      The oracle support do far is doing circles. we went live a month ago, and yesterday I rebooted the SS-Wkpace-Plan weblogic apps box.
      After could not log into workspace. I tried everything , redeploying it , drop sql tables repository, still no luck so far.
      All services start succefully, and aer all operable(essbase, planning, shared services), etc. THe issue is I beleive with the Wl deployement of the Wkspace.
      When I go to the "http://hostname:28080/workspace" I get a 404 error.

      If anyone can shed some light I would appreciate a lot!

      Regards to all